Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML


RadSparkline allows you to display simple, word-sized graphics that can be embedded in text, tables or headlines in a Windows Store JavaScript application. Below is an example of how you can embed the RadSparkline control in a RadGrid to form informative data tables.



Edward Tufte defines sparklines as "small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution. Sparklines mean that graphics are no longer cartoonish special occasions with captions and boxes, but rather sparkline graphic can be everywhere a word or number can be: embedded in a sentence, table, headline, map, spreadsheet, graphic".


RadSparkline is a version of the RadChart control tailored for the application described above.

While sparklines are typically line charts, RadSparkLine supports a variety of types:

  • Line

  • Bar

  • Column

  • Area

  • Pie

  • Bullet

To enhance the data visualization provided by the sparklines, RadSparkline also features tooltips, plot bands and the concept of axes.