Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML


The RadSlider for Windows 8/HTML apps is a combination of a range and normal single value slider components, designed to work with Windows Store applications and JavaScript. Below is an example of the RadSlider used in a possible application scenario.

  1. RadSlider: Presents one value indicator and two opposing buttons for selecting a single value.

  2. RadRangeSlider: Presents two value indicators for defining a range of values.


A slider component is used to allow the user to select a single value or a range of values from a predefined continuous set.

A slider usually has a track, ticks, and one or two value indicators. Optionally, you can add increase/decrease buttons or a tooltip to show the current value. All of these elements can be separately configured to customize the slider appearance.

Additionally, sliders can be vertically or horizontally oriented, its ranges can be limited, etc.


RadSlider has one value indicator for the selected value. This type of slider supports increase/decrease value buttons.


RadRangeSlider has two value indicators for the minimum and maximum value of the selected range. This type of slider does not support buttons.