Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The SDK examples of Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTMLare a series of applications presenting different use cases of the controls, including the How To articles from the documentation. The examples are publicly available in GitHub and you can download them as a .zip file or clone the repository on your machine.


The SDK examples aim to help you get started with the controls and their various usage scenarios. Over time, we will be adding new examples for both new and existing controls. These examples are completely developer-oriented, so there is no presentation or navigation-related code that could distract you from the main logic of the implemented scenario.

What is more, thanks to the fact that the SDK is exposed as a GitHub repository, you can contribute to them. For example, if you implement an interesting scenario in your project, using Telerik controls and want to share it with the community, you can add it to your local clone of the examples and send a pull request. If the example is approved and merged to the repository, you will be given Telerik points—their amount will depend on the complexity of the submitted example. This way the SDK examples will become a valuable community resource.

How to Get Started?

There are two ways to get the examples:

  • Get a static copy of the examples: Go to the repository page in GitHub and click the "ZIP" button.


    This will download all examples in a zip archive on your machine and you will be able to use them locally. However, you will not be able to get new versions of the examples without downloading the whole .zip file again.

  • Clone the examples on your machine: If you haven't used GitHub before, the easiest way to do this is by downloading the GitHub for Windows application.

Once you have the examples locally, follow the instructions from the file available in the root folder.


You will need to have Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML(trial or dev version) installed on your machine to be able to run the examples. If you have not installed them yet, go to our Download page

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