Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The Telerik Controls Examples (Demos - Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML) are a free demo application which will guide you through the rich behavior and features of the controls in the Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML suite. It is a samples browser demonstrating different usages of each control in the suite, along with the code used to implement them.


The Telerik Controls Examples app aims to demonstrate some interesting use cases of each control in the suite, as well as to show you how to achieve them. Each example allows flipping the screen to see the source code used to implement the scenario. This way you can look at the (main) implementation logic without even opening the solution in Visual Studio.

Each demo page consists of:

  • Title and navigation (1)

  • Demo content: The actual demo implementation (2)

  • Demo description and Demo source code: You can find buttons to display a description and the source code of the demo in the app bar (3). You can access the app bar by right-click with a mouse, windows key + Z with a keyboard or swipe the bottom edge of the screen if you are on a touch device.

demos 1
demos 2

Since the source shown in the actual application is mostly for preview purposes, we also distribute the actual solution used to build these examples.

Where to Find This Example

You can find the Telerik Controls Examples source code in your Telerik installation folder. When you use the automatic installer, apart from the actual controls installation, you also get the examples solution. You will find a shortcut to the solution on your Desktop and the actual project in ~\Telerik\UI for Windows 8 HTML QX 201X\Demos.

If you only want to browse the samples, you can install them on your machine from the Windows Store. A link to the app page in the store is available here .

How to Navigate to the Source Code of a Certain Example

Due to the great number of example pages in the solution, at first it may seem hard to navigate to a specific example that you saw in the running application. However, once you understand the logic behind the folder structure, you should not have a problem locating a sample's source code.

  1. All examples are contained inside the examples folder, which you can see in the root directory of the solution.

  2. Navigate to the folder having the name of the control. The name is the same as the main title of the example you have been looking at.

  3. Look at the sub title of the example. You should be able to locate (part of) it as a name of a folder in the current control directory in the solution. Additionally, the first example of a given control is always placed inside a FirstLook folder.

    Open the folder and you will find the source files for the example.