Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Radial Menu

RadRadialMenu is a space-saving toolbar for displaying multiple options and commands to the user in Windows Store apps using HTML/JavaScript.



Radial menus are an innovative type of toolbars providing the end-user with variety of options to choose from. Radial Menus are especially useful on touch devices as they enable the developers to place many commands and options in a flexible and dynamic UI container. The end-users enjoy interacting with a flexible and responsive UI at their fingertips. Radial menus enable the end-users to choose among hierarchically grouped commands and options in a convenient way where the user does not have stretch their fingers across the entire screen of the mobile device but rather across a designated area.


RadRadialMenu for Windows 8 HTML is Telerik's implementation of the above architecture targeting Windows Store applications. It features a number of

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