Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The RadSparkline type exposes the following members.


Public propertyautoBind
Indicates whether the chart will call read on the DataSource initially.
Public propertyaxisDefaults
Gets the default settings that apply to all axes.
Public propertybackground
Gets or sets the background of the chart area.
Public propertyborder
Gets the border settings of the chart area.
Public propertycategoryAxis
Gets the category axis settings.
Public propertydata
The data for the default sparkline series. Will be discarded if series are supplied.
Public propertydataSource
Gets or sets the data source object for this control.
Public propertyelement
Gets the DOM element that hosts this control.
Public propertyheight
Gets or sets the height of the chart area in pixels.
Public propertyinitialized
Indicates whether the control is initialized.
Public propertymargin
Gets the margin settings of the chart area.
Public propertyopacity
Gets or sets the background opacity of the chart area.
Public propertyplotArea
Gets the plot are settings.
Public propertypointWidth
The width to allocate for each data point.
Public propertyseries
Gets or sets the data series in the chart.
Public propertyseriesColors
Gets or sets the color collection that will be used for styling the chart series. Array elements must be valid CSS color definitions.
Public propertyseriesDefaults
Gets the default settings common to all series.
Public propertysvg
Gets the SVG representation of the current chart.
Public propertytheme
Gets or sets the visual theme of the chart.
Public propertytooltip
Gets the tooltip settings of the chart.
Public propertytransitions
Enables or disables transitions. True by default.
Public propertytype
Gets or sets the type of the serie
Public propertyvalueAxes
Gets the array of all value axis defined for the chart.
Public propertyvalueAxis
Gets the value axis settings.
Public propertywidth
Gets or sets the width of the chart area in pixels.

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