Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The RadGrid type exposes the following members.


Public propertyaltRowTemplate
Template to be used for rendering the alternating rows.
Public propertyautoBind
Indicates whether the grid will call read on the DataSource initially.
Public propertycolumns
A collection of column objects or collection of strings that represents the name of the fields.
Public propertydataSource
Gets or sets the data source object for this control.
Public propertydetailTable
Gets or sets the options for the detail tables. All newly initialized detail tables will inherit these options automatically.
Public propertydetailTables
Gets an array of all initialized child tables for this table.
Public propertydetailTemplate
Template to be used for rendering the detail rows.
Public propertyeditable
Gets and sets the editing related (create/update/delete) options.
Public propertyelement
Gets the DOM element that hosts this control.
Public propertyfilterable
Indicates whether filtering is enabled/disabled.
Public propertygroupable
Indicates whether grouping is enabled.
Public propertyheight
Sets the height of the grid.
Public propertyinitialized
Indicates whether the control is initialized.
Public propertymessages
Gets the localization messages used by the control.
Public propertynavigatable
Indicates whether keboard navigation is enabled/disabled.
Public propertyowner
Gets the owner RadGrid instance.
Public propertyparentRelation
Gets the parent relations for this table as an object or an array of objects in the form: { masterField: 'field1', detailField: 'field2' }. To configure parent relations, set the detailTable.parentRelation property of the parent table.
Public propertyparentRow
Gets the parent row of the table if it is nested.
Public propertyparentTable
Gets the parent row of the table if it is nested.
Public propertyreorderable
Gets or sets a value indicating whether column reordering is enabled.
Public propertyresizable
Indicates whether column resizing is enabled/disable.
Public propertyrowTemplate
Template to be used for rendering the rows.
Public propertyscrollable
Enable/disable scrolling. Possible values are "none", "enabled" and "virtual".
Public propertyselectable
Indicates whether selection is enabled.
Public propertyselection
Gets or sets selected rows/cells.
Public propertysortable
Indicates whether sorting is enabled.

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