Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

This article describes the events of RadNumericBox and its most notable event arguments.


Event Name




Fires when the value is changed. - The RadNumericBox control which value has changed. The new value can be accessed through


Fires when the value is changed from the spin buttons. - The RadNumericBox control instance. The new value can be accessed through

Below you can see a sample where the change event is handled to access the new RadNumericBox value:

RadNumericBox Declaration Copy imageCopy
<span id="myNumericBox" data-win-control="Telerik.UI.RadNumericBox" data-win-options="{
    onchange: NumericBox.Helpers.change
<p id="numericBoxInfo" style="color: #336699"></p>
Event Handler Copy imageCopy
WinJS.Namespace.define("NumericBox.Helpers", {
    change: WinJS.Utilities.markSupportedForProcessing(function (e) {
        document.getElementById("numericBoxInfo").innerText = "Numeric box value was changed to: " + + ".";