Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML


RadGrid for Windows Runtime JavaScript applications is a feature-rich component for displaying tabular data. Below is an example of the RadGrid in a real life scenario.



A data grid control is a tabular UI component for displaying and interacting with data. Data can be visualized by simple strings, shown inside the cells or using various templates, containing images, elements or entire controls. Data operations like sorting, filtering and grouping could be performed using the grid UI/API. They do not change the underlying data source. The control could also support create/update/delete (CRUD) operations, which change the content of the data collection, to which it is bound. Finally, the could also support interactions with its building parts, like cell and row selection, column resizing and reordering, etc.


RadGrid supports all features listed above. In more detail, they include:

Configuring these grid behaviors is done using simple configuration options. Most features are enabled using a single setting, making a control of complex features an easy to use, timesaving tool for visualizing your data.