Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

This article explains the visual elements of the RadLinearGauge and RadRadialGauge controls.

Visual Structure

Visual structure

Description of Elements




The scale is used to visualize the range of values reachable by the gauge. In RadLinearGauge, it is a straight line, while in RadRadialGauge it is a fraction of a (or a whole) circle.

Major Ticks

Lines crossing the scale that mark the major units on the scale. Major units are intervals between major divisions of the scale.

Minor Ticks

Shorter lines crossing the scale that mark the minor units on the scale. Minor units are intervals between minor divisions of the scale.


Placed next to each major tick, used to display the value it corresponds to.


Highlighted parts of the scale that usually mark a specific set of values that have a certain importance. For example, RPM range that is unsafe.


The pointer is a shape that points to the current value of the gauge. In RadLinearGauge this is a bar or an arrow drawn next to the scale. In RadRadialGauge it is an actual pointer.