Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML


The RadGauge for Windows 8 HTML apps is combination of a linear and radial gauge controls, designed to work with Windows Store applications and JavaScript.



A gauge control is used to visualise some indicator data (value) in an easy to understand way through different representations - linear or radial.

Each gauge has a pointer, a scale, and several ranges in the scale. All of these elements can be separately configured to customize the gauge appearance. The control also has built-in animation support for the pointer in order to facilitate dynamic data and live updates.


RadRadialGauge draws a circular scale and ranges and its pointer is an arrow that rotates to the set value on the scale.

The start and end angles of the scale control the size of the radial gauge - you can easily create semi or quarter circle gauges and rotate them as well.


RadLinearGauge draws a horizontal or vertical linear scale and ranges and its pointer is a bar that rises to the set value on the scale.

The linear gauge can be either horizontal or vertical and the pointer is a bar.