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This article explains the visual elements of the RadDropDownList control.

Visual Structure

Visual structure

Description of Elements



Toggle Area

As opposed to RadAutoCompleteBox and RadComboBox, where a textbox allows filtering the list items, RadDropDownList's text area is readonly (it always contains the text of the currently selected list item). It can be clicked/tapped, similarly to the toggle button at the right - to toggle the dropdown list.

Dropdown List

Could also be referred to as "popup" or "dropdown". All items are contained in this list which appears upon clicking/tapping anywhere in the toggle area.

List Item

Could also be referred to as "item", "option", etc.. Represents a single data item from the control's datasource. The value visible in the item comes from the field in the datasource, assigned as a dataTextField. If such a field is not assigned, the text value is the string representation of the object to which the item is bound.