Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Data Storage

Telerik Data Storage provides users with local database support backed with the fast and serverless engine of SQLite. It allows Windows Store applications, written in JavaScript/HTML, to persist data locally. With Telerik’s storage solution developers can take advantage of relational databases (not BLOB files only) for processing data in their Windows Store apps, which widens the scope of the application types they can develop.

The Data Storage engine’s ORM features for JavaScript are wrapped by a library that allows CRUD operations using JavaScript data objects and standard SQL expressions. The simplicity of the wrapper classes and the ease of their use turns Telerik’s library to an invaluable ORM tool for development of data-oriented Windows Store applications with JavaScript.

The Data Storage component features fluent API for CRUD operations that includes:

Additionally, Telerik Data Storage offers:

To start using the Data Storage component now, go to the Getting Started article and see the instructions there.