Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Right-to-Left, or RTL support is a phrase commonly-used to describe the ability of a library, site or application to handle and respond to users who communicate with a right-to-left language, like Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, etc.

Starting with Q2 2013, Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML provides RTL support and make it extremely easy to enable it.

Enabling RTL Support for Telerik controls

Enabling RTL support for all Telerik controls in a Windows Store app is as simple as setting a single class name. Just set the class name of your page's body or html tag to "k-rtl".

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<body class="k-rtl"></body>

Now the direction of the controls and behavior of their features will be reversed.


The k-rtl class name has to be set to the body or the html tag and not to a container element on the page. This is so because popups used by Telerik controls, like the dropdown of list controls, the picker part of picker controls, etc., are rendered outside of their parent controls and will not pick up the RTL styles applied through the k-rtl class.


Current Limitations

RadGrid:Keyboard navigation does not behave correctly in some scenarios.

RadChart and RadSparkline do not offer RTL support by default, since they render SVG. You can change the charts direction by configuring their axes reverse property and fine-tune other settings of the labels, legend, etc.