Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

From Q2 2013 on, Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML offer culture support capabilities. You can set a global culture for all Telerik controls in your application or you can set a control specific culture. The controls that can be affected by a culture setting are RadCalendar, RadChart, RadDatePicker, RadTimePicker and RadNumericBox. The following article explains the ways to set cultures and change them dynamically.

Global Culture

To operate with cultures when using Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML you must use the Telerik.Culture namespace. Use the setCurrent() method to set a global culture for all Telerik Controls:

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Telerik.Culture.setCurrent("de-DE", true);

The setCurrent() method takes two parameters:

  • Culture string - Available culture strings are any valid BCP-47 language tags with the language for the first part and region for the second, for example: en-US, en-UK, fr-FR, de-DE, etc. The default culture is en-US.

  • 24H/12H format - The second parameter is of type boolean. If set to true, the time will be shown as 24 hour format and if it is set to false the time will be in 12 hour format. The default value is the given culture's native clock format.


To set a global culture for all Telerik controls in your application, you need to use the setCurrent() method before the controls are initialized, i.e., before the processAll() method.

Also, if you want to change the global culture at a later moment in your application, be advised that only newly initialized controls will be affected by the change.

To get the current global culture you can use the getCurrent() method of the same namespace. The return value is a valid BCP-47 language tag.

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Control Specific Culture

You can also set a culture for each Telerik control through its culture property:

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<span id="numericBox" data-win-control="Telerik.UI.RadNumericBox" data-win-options="{
      culture: 'fr-FR',
      format: 'c0'

You can also modify each control's culture property programmaticaly:

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document.getElementById("numericBox").winControl.culture = "en-UK";

There is one exception - the RadChart has its culture option under the labels property and is used only for date formatting.

Also, in case RadChart's culture has been changed after initialization, the control has to be refreshed for the new culture to take effect. This is done by calling RadChart's refresh() method.

String Formatting with Culture

Cultures can be applied when you want to format a value with the Telerik.Utilities.toString() method. The method takes three arguments: an object value, a format string and a culture string.

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Telerik.Utilities.toString(100, "c1", "en-US");

The above code will produce "$100.0". You can find a full list of format strings and explanation about them here.

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