Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

This article explains the visual elements of the RadComboBox control.

Visual Structure

Visual structure

Description of Elements




Could also be referred to as "box", "input", etc. This is where the search text is typed.

Toggle Button

Positioned next to the textbox, it is used to toggle the dropdown containing the combobox items.

Dropdown List

Could also be referred to as "popup" or "dropdown". The combobox items that match the filter criteria (or all items if there isn't a search string provided) are displayed in this list which appears upon typing in the textbox or clicking/tapping the toggle button.

List item

Could also be referred to as "item", "entry", "option", etc.. Represents a single data item from the control's datasource. The value visible in the item comes from the field in the datasource, assigned as a dataTextField. If this field is not assigned, the text value is the string representation of the object to which the item is bound.