Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Combo Box

The RadComboBox component for Windows Runtime JavaScript applications is similar to the HTML select element, but it also offers free text entry for custom values and filtering data. It is designed to work with Windows Store applications and JavaScript. Below is an example of the RadComboBox in a real life scenario.



A combobox control is used to show a list of items and select one of them or enter a custom value. The selected item value or custom text is displayed when the list is closed.

The control can be bound to a static or live datasource and will request data automatically when the dropdown is opened. The control supports templates for its items, so you can add images and other elements in addition to plain text.


RadComboBox shows a textbox and a dropdown list with items once the down arrow on the control is clicked or text is entered. There is no posibility to disable the custom text in the textbox - for that you should use RadDropDownList.

The RadComboBox offers a number of configuration options including filtering data from the datasource, animations, rich client API with events and methods for controlling the dropdown.