Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

RadCalendar features keyboard navigation through all its views (month, year, decade, century) and building elements (header, footer, content). This article describes the available options for navigating the control via keyboard.

Keyboard navigation

Below you can find a list of the recognized keys by the built-in keyboard support logic of the RadCalendar control:

  • Focus the control: TAB key when RadCalendar is next in the tab order.

    When the control is focused, the first element to get focused is the Prev button in the header. By pressing TAB key, the user can then navigate through:

    1. Prev button in the header.

    2. Fast navigation button.

    3. Next button in the header.

    4. The first day from the current month.

    5. The Today link button in the footer.

  • Navigate through dates using the arrow keys:

    • Focus previous day: left arrow.

    • Focus next day: right arrow.

    • Focus same day from the previous week: up arrow.

    • Focus same day from the next week: down arrow.

    • Focus same day from the previous month: Ctrl + left arrow.

    • Focus same day from the next month: Ctrl + right arrow.

    • Navigate one view up (e.g. from month to year): Ctrl + up arrow.

    • Navigate one view down (e.g. from year to month): Ctrl + down arrow.

    • Focus the first day of the month: Home key.

    • Focus the last day of the month: End key.

    • Navigate to lower view: Enter key.

    The same key rules apply about the other views - year, decade, century.

  • Select date and date ranges

    • Select the focused cell in month view: Enter key.

    • Extend the range selection to the focused cell in single range mode: Shift + Enter key.

    • Add the focused cell to the current selection in multiple ranges mode: Ctrl + Enter key.