Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Auto Complete Box

The RadAutoCompleteBox control for Windows Runtime JavaScript applications is similar to the search box on Google and Bing in that it offers suggestions as you type. It is designed to work in Windows Store applications using JavaScript. Below is an example of the RadAutoCompleteBox in a real life scenario.



An autocomplete control, in general, is used to display a list of suggestions matching the text typed in a textbox. The list is displayed below this box.

The control can be bound to a static or live datasource and will request data automatically when the application user starts typing. The control may support templates for its items, so you can add images and other elements in addition to plain text.


RadAutoCompleteBox shows a textbox, and once text is entered in the textbox, it displays a dropdown list with items. The box can also auto-complete the entered text.

The control offers a number of configuration options - timed delay or number of characters entered before showing results, filter to apply to search data, separator and support for selecting more than one item.

RadAutoCompleteBox has rich template support - you can fully customize the layout of its items for better visualization of the provided options.