Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The RadSlider type exposes the following members.


Public methodRadSlider
Creates a new RadSlider control.


Public propertydecreaseButtonTooltip
Gets or sets the tooltip of the decrease button.
Public propertydragHandleTooltip
Gets or sets the tooltip of the drag handle.
Public propertyelement
Gets the DOM element that hosts this control.
Public propertyenabled
Gets or sets the enabled state of the control.
Public propertyincreaseButtonTooltip
Gets or sets the tooltip of the increase button.
Public propertyinitialized
Indicates whether the control is initialized.
Public propertylargeStep
Gets or sets the delta with which the value changes when the user presses PageUp or PageDown (the drag handle must be focused).
Public propertymax
Gets or sets the maximum value of the slider.
Public propertymin
Gets or sets the minimum value of the slider.
Public propertyorientation
Gets or sets the orientation of the slider. Allowed values are "horizontal" or "vertical". Default value is "horizontal".
Public propertyshowButtons
Gets or sets whether the increase and decrease buttons should be shown.
Public propertysmallStep
Gets or sets the small step value of the slider. The slider value will change when the end user (1) clicks on the increase/decrease buttons, (2) presses the arrow keys (the drag handle must be focused), or (3) drags the drag handle.
Public propertytickPlacement
Gets or sets the location of the tick marks in the slider. The available options are "minorOutside", "minorMajorOutside", "inside" and "none". Default value is "minorMajorOutside".
Public propertytooltip
Gets the configuration settings for the slider tooltip.
Public propertyvalue
Gets or sets the value of the slider.


Public eventchange
Fires when the value of the slider is changed. The new slider value.
Public eventslide
Fires when the slide handle has moved. A number representing the point that the user has just moved the slider handle to.

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