Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

The RadPagination type exposes the following members.


Public methodRadPagination
A navigation control that tracks the current position within a pageable container like WinJS.UI.FlipView.


Public methodnext
Navigates to the next item
Public methodprevious
Navigates to the previous item.


Public propertycurrentIndex
Gets or sets the index of the currently selected item.
Public propertyelement
Gets the DOM element that hosts this control.
Public propertyenabled
Gets or sets the enabled state of the control.
Public propertyinitialized
Indicates whether the control is initialized.
Public propertyitemTemplate
Gets or sets the template used for rendering thumbnail items. Accepts any of: WinJS.BindingTemplate instance or an HTML element hosting a template; a function returning an HTML string or a DOM element; an HTML string with binding expressions defining the template.
Public propertylabel
Gets the thumbnails list for this control.
Public propertypageProvider
Gets or sets the page provider control that RadPagination will navigate.
Public propertyshowButtons
Indicates whether the control displays previous and next buttons for navigation.
Public propertyshowLabel
Indicates whether the control displays a label.
Public propertyshowThumbnails
Indicates whether the control displays thumbnails for navigation.
Public propertythumbnails
Gets the thumbnails list for this control.

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