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The QueryBuilder type exposes the following members.


Public methodQueryBuilder
This class is part of the Data Storage chaining API and is not intended to be directly instantiated from user code.


Public methoddistinct
Indicates that the query should only return unique items.
Public methodexecute
Executes the query and returns a promise that will fulfill when the result is retrieved.
Public methodfields
List the specific fields that should be returned in the result.
Public methodfilter
Filters the data items.
Public methodgroup
Groups the data items. All fields in the result set should either be grouped ones or contain an aggregate function (sum, count, average, etc.).
Public methodjoin
Joins an additional source of data to the current query.
Public methodskip
Skips the first X (numberToSkip) items from the query result.
Public methodsort
Sorts the data items.
Public methodtake
Takes only the first X (numberToTake) items from the query result.

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