Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML

Before you start using the Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML you must make sure that they are installed correctly on the development machine and that your Visual Studio project is using one of the JavaScript Windows Store templates.

Adding a Project Reference

Right-click on the project node in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer window and select "Add Reference...". In the newly opened window select the checkbox next to "Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML" and click OK to continue. After that you should see "Telerik UI for Windows 8 HTML" in the project references next to "Windows Library for JavaScript 1.0".

add reference

Adding References on a Content Page

You must add the references to Telerik scripts and styles on each page where the controls will be used. Make sure the following code is present in the head section of the page:

Telerik References Copy imageCopy
<!-- Telerik references -->
<link href="///Telerik.UI/css/common.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="///Telerik.UI/css/dark.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="///Telerik.UI/js/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="///Telerik.UI/js/ui.js"></script>

Note the second CSS file reference in the code above. You should also add one of the skin-specific CSS files depending on which theme you are using in your application (dark/light):

Skin-specific References  Copy imageCopy
<link href="///Telerik.UI/css/dark.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!-- OR -->
<link href="///Telerik.UI/css/light.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Now you should be able to see the Telerik classes in IntelliSense and can add a Telerik control of your choice to the page.

For further instructions on adding the different Telerik controls, check their Getting Started articles.