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How to: Use the Enable Project Wizard
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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

This topic describes how to enable a project to use Telerik OpenAccess ORM using the Enable Project Wizard.

You can enable any type of projects (Vb.Net and C#) presented in Visual Studio except for web sites. They can't hold any persistent types and that is why the enabling process is different for them.

Enabling Projects that are compiled to an assembly

1.  Navigate to Telerik->OpenAccess->Enable Project to use ORM…

You will get an overview of the operations to be performed on your project.

2.  Choosing project contents.

DAL and classes

The page allows one to specify what settings and files are to be added to the enabled project (persistent classes and/or any DAL logic). Depending on your goal check the required check boxes.

3.  Selecting Connection Settings.

Connection Settings

Specify the way you are going to connect to your database. For additional information refer to Connection and Backend Settings - Step 3.

4.  Overview.

You will get an overview of your selection so far.

At the end you should get the following entries:

  • References to Telerik OpenAccess ORM
  • Depending on your selection you will have “Enhancing” property of the project set to true (if you have selected Persistent classes check box and an ObjectScopeProvider class if you have selected the DAL option.
  • Connection settings entries either in the form of a standard .NET connection string or the original OpenAcess settings Connection node.

    Enabling WebSites

    The process of enabling a website or web application is pretty much the same as with other projects. The difference comes with that the web site is not compiled to an assembly thus unable to hold any persistent classes. That is why you will not be able to check the Persistent classes checkbox.

    At the end you should get the following entries:
  • References to Telerik OpenAccess ORM
  • ObjectScopeProvider class if you have checked the DAL option checkbox.
  • Reference with the name and version of the Telerik.OpenAccess assembly in the web.config file.
  • Connection string that defines the used connection in the web.config file.


The enable project wizard is used not only for adding references to Telerik OpenAccess ORM but for specifying various settings needed to successfully establish a connection to your database server. Having that in mind it is generally not a good idea to use the Enable Project Wizard to just add the references of Telerik OpenAccess ORM. The intended way of doing this is to use the Check Settings dialog.


Using a connection defined in a library project in a web site.

If you run the Enable Project Wizard on a web site, additionally to adding the required references and helper classes, the wizard can add connection strings required by library projects containing models. To do so you will have to enable/re-enable and select a connection form the available connections combo box on page 3 of the wizard. There you will see all the connections available not only form the DataExplorer, but also available in all the projects in the solution.