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Walkthrough: Sofia Car Rental ASP.NET Web Site
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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

The aim of this topic is to explain how you can create a simple web application using Telerik OpenAccess ORM and Telerik Rad Controls.

Creating The SofiaCarRental Sample Database

Every application that works with data needs to actually save that data. For the purpose of this we need to create a simple database. Detailed explanation of how you can create a database can be found here: Creating the sofiacarrental sample database

Generating the Sofia Car Rental Data Model

 In order for your application to use the data from the database(modify,add,delete) you will have to map the tables of the database to classes in visual studio that will represent the database objects. To do so you can follow the step by step guide that can be found here: Generating the sofia car rental data model

Creating the Car Rental Agency Application

 In order for you to be able to modify the database records you will need to create a simple application. The application is consisted from several web pages that perform various operations over the database. You can find out how to create the web application in this topic: Creating the car rental agency application

Querying Objects and References

For every application its essential to be able to retrieve information from the database. The following topic explains in details how we can write various queries to retrive all kinds of information from our database: Querying Objects and References

Inserting and Updating Data

Telerik OpenAccess ORM enables you to perform all kind of modifications over your database. If you want to add or modify already existing objects you can see a step by step example here :  Isterting and updating data