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How to: Update a Project to The Installed Version of Telerik OpenAccess ORM
Programmer's Guide > OpenAccess ORM Classic (Old API) > OpenAccess Tasks > How to: Update a Project to The Installed Version of Telerik OpenAccess ORM

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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

When Telerik OpenAccess ORM is updated to a newer version, all projects created with the old one would not be buildable due to invalid references. Telerik OpenAccess ORM provides the option to automatically update all invalid project references, assembly directives from configuration files and web pages. It is possible to automatically replace referenced libraries from the bin folder of web sites as well. This feature works both for updating to a newer or older version of Telerik OpenAccess ORM.

Assemblies referenced from directories different from the bin directory of a Web Site will not be updated. Additionally, the bin directory should be included in the Web Site project, so it is visible from Visual Studio.

To start the update procedure, open the Check Settings dialog from the Telerik -> OpenAccess -> Configuration menu. From the Targets treeview check the projects that you want to update. There are several validators that can be run against the selected projects. To enable the project update, make sure the Update assembly references validator is selected for each project. Then click the Check button.

The available validators may vary depending on the type of the project.

In the grid on the right side of the dialog you can see the result of each validator that has been run. If the status of the Update assembly references validator is red, the project contains invalid references and should be updated. To do this, click on the Fix button.

After the update procedure is complete, the validator status should become green. This means that the update has been successfully completed and you can close the dialog. Visual Studio may need to reload some of the projects to apply the changes that have been made by the wizard.

If the status remains red, the wizard was unable to update the project due to encountered errors. In such cases, select the validator node and you should see additional details about the error. Manual operations might be required to complete the update process.