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Configuring Logging
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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

You can use the backend configuration section within the App.config file to set event logging.

Sample settings:

App.config Copy Code
<backendconfiguration id="mssqlConfiguration" backend="mssql">

Event Logging Levels

The event logging levels that can be used in <logging.logEvents> property are:

Logging Level



Logs no events. Use this only while doing benchmarking.


Logs only errors (such as connections timing out)


Logs the most of the events that do not reduce performance significantly (e.g. SQL executed)


Logs majority of the events (this slows down the performance, recommended only for debugging purposes)


Logs all possible events (this slows down the performance significantly, could be used while debugging)