Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

Once Telerik JustTrace is installed and enabled, you will be able to profile your code right through the Visual Studio UI. The project types which are supported by the extension are:

  • Windows Store Apps
  • Standalone .NET application
  • ASP.NET web site or web application, configured to use Visual Studio Development Server (Cassini)
  • ASP.NET web site or web application, hosted on the Local IIS web server
  • ASP.NET web site or web application, configured to use IIS Express
  • Silverlight application
  • Azure (DevFabric) application
  • WPF browser application (XBAP)

You can profile more than one project simultaneously. You can also profile Silverlight applications hosted inside ASP.NET projects.

To setup the profiling process use the JustTrace Toolbar:

JustTrace Extension Toolbar

Pressing F5 (to run with debugging) or CTRL + F5 (to run without debugging) will run the application with a profiler if JustTrace is enabled from the menu.

Below is describe what each of the buttons do:

JTExtension Performance Profiler Button This enables the Performance Profiler and will enable the following option buttons:

JTExtension Performance Profiler Enabled Buttons

  • Disabled at Start - Disables the profiler on start up preventing it from collecting data until it is enabled.
  • Profile Child Processes - Profiles processes started by the main profilee.
  • Use Tracing Profiler - The Tracing Profiler has better accuracy but lower performance. Also, using it you would find more options in analysis.
  • Filter Internals - Filters private and internal .NET methods to improve performance and omit irrelevant data.
  • Show Transitions - Shows transitions between managed and unmanaged code. Can significantly increase performance when enabled.
  • Source Level Profiling - Shows source level timings and hit counts for all methods that have source code available.

JTExtension Performance Profiler Mixed Mode Button

  • Mixed Mode Profiling - Enables the collecting of data for both managed and native (unmanaged) methods.

    This is supported only with the sampling profiler of Telerik JustTrace.

JTExtension Memory Profiler Button This enables the Memory Profiler and will unlock the following option buttons:

JTExtension Memory Profiler Enabled Buttons

  • Collect Allocation Call Stacks - This will create a call tree with memory allocation information for each function.
  • Accurate Object Age - Enables accurate tracking of the objects age.

The other two buttons are:

JTExtension Other Buttons

  • Restart IIS - This will let you restart IIS before launching your application.
  • Profile Silverlight - Allows you to profile hosted Silverlight application instead of the web site itself.

You can also setup the profiling process from the JustTrace menu.

JTExtension Menu

If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on Windows Vista or higher, you will have to run Visual Studio in elevated mode. This can be done by choosing "Run as administrator" from the context menu of the Visual Studio icon.


Projects that are set to "Start without debugging" will not be profiled.

If the JustTrace extension is not enabled from the JustTrace menu, or if all projects are selected to "Start without debugging" or the project type is not one of the supported types a profiling session will not be started.

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