Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

The Start page is a hub, a starting point for all operations in JustTrace.

Start Page

The Start page is organized into the following tabs:

  • Start Here - the first screen. Contains quick links to the commonly used areas of the backstage, the help and examples.
  • New Profiling Session – start a new profiling session from here. This tab is visible only when there is no session loaded in the window.
  • Recently Profiled - contains a list of recently profiled applications. You can start a new session with one of the saved settings.
  • Open Snapshots - open existing sessions and snapshots from here.
  • Send Feedback – send feedback about JustTrace or open support tickets from here.
  • Options – configure JustTrace.
  • Help & Support – this section contains information about JustTrace and links to additional resources. You can also check for updates here.
  • Check for Updates – download new updates when available. This tab is visible only when there are new updates.

When JustTrace is started, the Start page is initially open. When you open a session, you can go back to the Start page by clicking on the Start button in the Ribbon.

Backstage Button Pointer