Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

Every time when you take a snapshot JustTrace automatically saves it to file and puts it on this list.

Start Page Open Snapshot

On this page you can open and manage snapshots:

  • Open - select one or many items on the list and click the Open Snapshots button.
  • Import - you can import snapshots from file by clicking Import, e.g. if they weren't created on this computer. The imported files will be placed on the list.
  • Delete - delete one or more snapshots by selecting them and clicking the Delete button.
  • Rename - rename the snapshot files by clicking their name while selected or by clicking Rename Snapshot in the file's context menu.
  • Show in Folder - opens an Explorer window with the same snapshot files selected.
  • Clear History - delete all snapshots from disk or just remove them from this list without deleting them
You can select multiple snapshots and open them inside a single session for comparison. To open multiple snapshots, they must have been created using the same type of profiler and the same executable (not necessarily the same process). If you select incompatible snapshots, the following icon will be shown in front of the incompatible items:
Start Page Open Snapshot Incompatible Warning

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