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The Unit Tests view represents all test methods, executed during the profiling session.


In order to profile tests outside Visual Studio, you need to use the NextApplication profilee, by giving the responsible test runner name. In example: vstest

Unit Tests Usage

Next Application profilee type - Specifying parameters


The Unit Tests view offers an easy way to see all the test methods executed for the particular profiling.

Unit Tests Overview

Unit Tests view - Overview

Each node of the Unit Tests view contains the following information:

  • Name - fully qualified name of the test method.
  • Own Time (ms) - total time spent in this test method. Percentage is measured against the total running time of the thread.
  • Total Time (ms) - total time spent in this call. Percentage is measured against the total running time of the thread.
  • Hit Count - number of times this test method has been called (for tracing) or number of samples taken inside it (for sampling)
The context menu contains the following commands:
  • Find in Root Call Tree - activates the Call Tree view and shows the first occurrence of the method. You can use the buttons of the navigation bar to locate all other calls to this method in the call tree.
  • Merge All Calls in New View - opens a new view and merges all calls to the selected function in the entire process. This is helpful if you want to investigate how much total time it took, which functions it called and how the time spent in it is distributed among its callees, regardless of a particular call site.
  • Show Caller Tree - opens a new Caller Tree view with all callers of the selected function presented as child nodes - a tree of callers. This can help you find where exactly it has been called.
  • View Source - activates the Source Code Viewer tab and opens the source file if it is available. If the source is unavailable JustTrace will decompile the class using JustDecompile and will show the generated source code.

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