Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

The Type List view shows a table containing all types which have at least one alive object in the snapshot.

Type List

The Just My Types toggle button filters out all types which are not user code. You can control which assemblies are considered user code in the Assembly List view.

You can use the combobox to restrict objects to those residing in Gen0, Gen1, Gen2 or Large Objects Heaps respectively.

By double clicking on a type or by clicking the Instances icon in the ribbon, you can open a new tab with the Instances List view to examine all objects of the selected class.

The Binding Leaks option filters out all Potential Binding Leaks In WPF in the type list.

The Event Handler Leaks option filters out all the objects, captured by the EventHandler Analysis in the type list.

The Disposed Leaks option filters out all Disposed Objects in the type list.

The Rest option filters out all types, that are not classified as potential memory leaks.

Each row of the table holds the following information:

  • Class Name - fully qualified name of the type.
  • Instances - number of alive instances of this type at the moment the snapshot was taken.
  • Total Size - the sum of all instances' sizes.
  • Total Retained Size - the sum of the retained sizes of all instances.

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