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With the Inspect Instance view of JustTrace, you can track all referenced objects for a specific instance. If class layout information is available, you will also see the members pointing to the references.

How It Helps?

This view is very useful when you need to analyze a particular instance that you are interested in. The view will give details about the held and reachable objects of that instance. Having access to these objects, you will be able to examine them much better. For example:

If you suspect that a certain field holds leaked objects, you can investigate its Retained Instances.

If you suspect that a certain object is a leak, you can investigate its Paths To GC Roots to see what prevents its garbage collection.


The Inspect Instance view will show only the reference type fields of the instance. Value type fields won't be detected.

How to Inspect a Specific Instance?

There are 4 views inside the JustTrace memory profiling session, that will let you choose a specific instance and inspect it:

To open the Inspect Instance view for a particular instance, select it and click on the Inspect Instance button (Inspect Instance Button) in the ribbon. You can also use the Inspect Instance command from the context menu by right clicking on the specific instance.

It is also possible to recursively inspect members of the current instance.

Getting Started With the Inspect Instance View

Inspect Instance Overview

The following information is listed for each member of the observed instance:

  • Object ID - unique ID of the object.
  • Field Name - full name of the field.
  • Value / Type Name - shows the value (for strings) or the type of the particular object.
  • Size - memory allocated for the object.
  • Retained Size - total memory allocated, including the objects own size and the size of all dominated objects in its subtree.
  • Age - shows the number of Garbage Collections that the object has survived. The accuracy of this field depends whether Accurate object age options is enabled or not at session start.

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