Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

The Incoming Type Refs view shows all types that hold references to a type as its children in a tree. The root level contains all types that have objects in the snapshot.

You can open a type's Instances List view by clicking the Instances icon in the ribbon. There you can view and examine each one of its objects.

Incoming References

Each node of the Incoming Type Refs view contains the following information:

  • Class Name - fully qualified name of the type.
  • Instances - number of alive instances in the snapshot.
  • Total Size - the sum of all instances' sizes.
  • Total Retained Size - the sum of the retained sizes of all instances.

The Just My Types toggle button filters out all types which are not user code. You can control which assemblies are considered user code in the Assembly List view.


You can use the Incoming Type Refs view in combination with the Instances List and the Paths To GC Roots views to determine what is preventing an object from being garbage collected.

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