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The Memory Profiler collects CLR memory usage data during the execution of a program. It allows you to optimize memory usage and easily identify memory leaks by comparing snapshots which include data about .NET instance allocations.

To start a memory profiling session in Telerik's JustTrace memory profiler, choose Memory Profiler from the Profiling type section of the New profiling session tab located in the start page.

Memory Profiler Options


  • Collect allocation call stacks - enabling this option will add the Call Tree view in all snapshots from this session. It visualizes the execution flow of the profiled application together with a summary of the objects and types allocated in each method call.
  • Accurate object age - When turned on, age of objects which are new in a snapshot will be the number of survived GCs. Otherwise it will be 1. In both cases it will be accurately incremented afterwards on each GC. May incur significant performance overhead for large applications which frequently trigger GCs.

Memory profiler controls

Memory Profiler Screen

In order to capture the memory usage information collected from the Memory Profiler, JustTrace allows you to get a snapshot of the profilee. To do this click the Get Snapshot (Get Snapshot Button) button.

To terminate the profiling process after you get the snapshot click Kill & Get.

To force a garbage collection in the profiled process click Force GC.

You can change the displayed snapshot by choosing another one from the Timeline.

To compare two snapshots click on the Compare Snpashots (Compare Snapshots Button) button and select the desired snapshots on the timelines.

Memory Profiler Timeline

To learn more about snapshots refer to Memory Snapshots topic.

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