Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

Windows Store App profilee type allows you to profile Windows Store Applications written on .NET.

Windows Store Options

When you choose the Windows Store App profilee type, JustTrace will show you a list of all available Windows Store applications. For each application it will list the following information:

  • Application Name - the display name of the application.
  • Application Id - the Id of the application.
  • Package Id - the Id of the package that contains the application.
  • Path - the physical location of the package file that contains the application.
Many of the default installed Windows Store Apps are not .NET applications. Therefore you may not be able to successfully start a profiling session for them. Please make sure that the application you have selected is written using a managed .NET language.
Make sure that your application is deployed if you can't find it in the list. This is done from the BUILD menu inside Visual Studio 2012.

To learn more about profiler types refer to Profiler Types topic.

After you finish configuring both the Profilee and Profiler press the Run button to start the profiler.

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