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Silverlight is one of the profilee types that JustTrace enables you to choose from.

Silverlight profilee type allows you to profile a Silverlight application v4 or later on the local computer.

Silverlight Application Options

Profilee Options

  • URL - the URL or path to the .xap file containing the Silverlight application. You can click the Browse button to select the path to a local .xap file or HTML page hosting your Silverlight application.
  • Use browser - select which browser to launch if the selected application is not an OOB .xap file

For the best experience, Internet Explorer should be used to run Silverlight applications for profiling.

You could also use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera to run Silverlight applications. These browsers will be launched in a separate temporary browser profile, thus in another window and process tree. This lets you profile the application and then safely terminate the browser without risking losing your currently open tabs and other session information. However, mind that the browsing data from your personal browser profile will not be available during profiling - this includes the current session, bookmarks, saved forms data, cookies, extensions and everything else that is stored in the user's home folder by the browser.

While it is not recommended, other browsers can also be used to profile Silverlight applications. To do so you must first close all browser windows before starting the profiling session.

If the profiler control buttons (Enable Profiler, Get Snapshot, etc.) remain disabled while the Silverlight application is running, then stop the session, close all instances of the browser and restart the profiling session. Alternatively, use one of the well-supported browsers mentioned above.

To learn more about profiler types refer to Profiler Types topic.

After you finish configuring both the Profilee and Profiler press the Run button to start the profiler.

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