Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

With Telerik JustTrace you can use the TelerikJustTraceCreateDumpFile.exe to create dump (JTDUMP) files of already running applications and then convert them to Memory Snapshots.

Simple Steps to Follow

  1. Start by creating the JTDUMP file of the running process you wish to profile. To do this, open the TelerikJustTraceCreateDumpFile.exe tool (its default location is in the JustTrace install folder, under Libraries, e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\JustTrace\Libraries\).

    The following window will pop up:

    Just Trace Create Dump Window

    JustTrace Create Dump File window

    It shows all running processes on the machine and lets you filter them by:

    • Name - Shows the name of the executable module of that current process.

    • ID - Shows the unique decimal number assigned to that current process by Windows.

    • User Account - Shows the user account of that current process.

    • Window Title - Shows the main window title name of that current process, if there is such.

    Below the running processes list is the Dumps Folder input. This is the destination, where the dumps will be saved. Use the Explore button for fast navigation.

    The Get Dump button generates the JTDUMP file of the selected process and the Refresh button updates the running processes list.

    Continue by selecting the running precess you intend to profile.


    Currently, you can create dumps of all running processes types. However, JustTrace will let you convert only dumps of managed (CLR) processes.

    After everything is set up, click the Get Dump button.

  2. Next step is to load the JTDUMP file as a snapshot inside JustTrace. This is as simple as double clicking the generated .jtdump file. Another approach is to manually import from the Open Snapshots view. For this, click on the Import button, navigate to the .jtdump file and Open it.


    To convert .jtdump file into memory snapshot you need to have Debugging Tools for Windows. For more details, check in the JustTrace Options page.


    JustTrace might need some time in order to convert the dump into a memory snapshot.

    When the conversion process finishes, the snapshot will appear in the Recent snapshots list.

  3. Finally, load the memory snapshot from the Recent snapshots list.

    Just Trace Create Dump Open Snapshot View

    JustTrace Open Snapshots view

    And investigate the possible leaks/issues with the JustTrace memory profiling analyses and views.


    Because JustTrace uses debugging techniques to get the managed object heap it is possible to experience time delays for processes that consume a lot of memory.

    Just Trace Create Dump Session View

    JustTrace Memory Session view