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Native Executable is one of the profilee types that Telerik JustTrace enables you to choose from.

Native Executable allows you to profile the native code of an application on the local computer by selecting its executable file.


Currently the Native Executable profilee type is enabled only in Performance profiling sessions with the JustTrace sampling profiler.


Native Exectuable Overview

Native Executable profilee view

Profilee Options

  • Application - absolute path to the executable file of the application that you intend to profile.
  • Arguments - arguments for the application.
  • Working folder - the application's working folder.

In order the see all the native modules in the profiler output, you will need to specify the symbol path in the Options page first.


A slight delay can occur if the symbols are being downloaded for the first time during the session initialization.


Native profiling may gather inconsistent and/or incomplete callstacks when the profilee is built with Frame Pointer Optimization(FPO) on x86. A possible workaround is to disable FPO or build and profile in x64 mode.

To learn more about profiler types refer to Profiler Types topic.

After you finish configuring both the Profilee and Profiler press the Run button to start the profiler.

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