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Attach to .NET Process is one of the profilee types that JustTrace enables you to choose from.

Attach to .NET Process profilee type allows you to profile an application that is already running.


When Sampling profiler is selected Attach to .NET Process profilee type allows you to profile only applications running under CLR 4 or later.

Running Application Options

Profilee Options

When Attach to .NET Process profilee type is selected a list with all running applications that can be profiled will be shown. There, you will notice available information about each process:

  • Process ID - Shows the unique decimal number assigned to that current process by Windows.
  • Process Name - Shows the name of the executable module of that current process.
  • Main Window Title - Shows the main window title name of that current process, if there is such.
  • User Name - Shows the user name of that current process.
  • Type - Shows if the current process is running in 32 or 64 bit mode.
  • CLR Version - Shows the CLR version that the current process is using.
  • Profiler attached - Shows if there are any of the JustTrace profilers already attached to that current process.

From the list you should select the process that you intend to profile.

To learn more about profiler types refer to Profiler Types topic.

After you finish configuring both the Profilee and Profiler press the Attach button to start profiling.

Memory Profiler


To attach Memory Profiler to a running process you need to have Debugging Tools for Windows.

JustTrace uses Debugging Tools for Windows to attach to a running process.

If the process is x64 then you must have Debugging Tools for Windows x64 version installed.

If the process is x86 then you must have Debugging Tools for Windows x86 version installed.

We recommend having both if used on 64bit operating system.

The location of Debugging Tools for Windows is not correct

Once you select a process from the list of the running processes JustTrace will try to find the right Debugging Tools for Windows version that matches the bitness of the selected process.

For example if you select process 1748 JustTrace will pick x86 version of the Debugging Tools for Windows.

If JustTrace is not able to find the correct version of Debugging Tools for Windows you have to select the correct folder yourself. This could be done from the JustTrace Options page.

The location of Debugging Tools for Windows is correct

Because JustTrace uses debugging techniques to get the managed object heap it is possible to experience time delays for processes that consume a lot of memory.

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