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ASP.NET (IIS Express) profilee type allows you to profile web sites and web applications. There are two ways to work with IIS Express - through a configuration file or using command-line switches.

Scenario: Configuration File

By default, JustTrace will enumerate all IIS Express sites for the current user. If you develop your sites in Visual Studio and use IIS Express for debugging, then the default configuration file will already contain all of the sites you've launched on the machine.

IISExpress Config

Application host configuration file - the configuration file to use. By default, JustTrace uses the same configuration file as IIS Express. When a configuration file is selected, the sites inside it are displayed in the grid below the field. Select the site you wish to profile.

Scenario: Custom Parameters

You can specify custom web site parameters if you don't have a configuration file or don't want to use one. Select the Use custom parameters checkbox to use custom parameters. The UI will change into the following:

IISExpress Custom Params
  • Path - path to the folder where the web site resides.
  • Port - port on which to run IIS Express. The port must be available.
  • CLR version - version of the runtime to use: v2.0 or v4.0

Common parameters

  • URL - the URL to load in the browser. By default, it's the selected site's home page
  • Use browser - select the browser to use for opening the URL
  • IIS Express version - select server version: 32-bit or 64-bit (if available)

If the server doesn't start or starts with an error, check if the selected port is available. Also, check if there are any iisexpress.exe processes lingering in the Task Manager.

To learn more about profiler types refer to Profiler Types topic.

After you finish configuring both the Profilee and Profiler press the Run button to start the profiler.

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