Telerik® JustTrace™ by Progress

Go to the Start Here tab and press the Improve Performance or Fix Memory Problems button, depending on the type of problems you wish to resolve.

If a session is already open in the current window, then a new window will open for the new session. If you wish to reuse the old window, first close the session by clicking the Close Session button.

Getting Started Profile Application

The New Profiling Session tab is now open. Here you will enter which application you wish to profile:

  1. Select Profilee Type

    Select the type of application to profile - Windows Store App, .NET Executable, Attach to .NET Process, Silverlight, ASP.NET (IIS), ASP.NET (IIS Express), ASP.NET (WebDev), Windows Service and WPF Browser Application. To learn more about profilee types refer to Profilee Types.

  2. Select Profiler Options

    There are three profiler types - Performance (Sampling), Performance (Tracing) and Memory. To learn more about profiling types refer to Profiler Types topic.

  3. Start the profiling session by clicking the Run or Attach button, depending on the profilee type selected.

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