Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

An integration between Telerik® JustCode™ and JustTrace arose as of 2014 Q1 release and two helpful commands appeared in order to help users find any performance issues and memory leaks related to their tests - Profile Tests and Profile and Debug Tests.


  • When executed for the very first time a message will warn you to install JustTrace (if not already) and point you to our web site.

    download Message
  • Once JustTrace is already installed a message could emerge if Visual Studio is not ran as administrator. This is a requirement for most of the profilers in order to function as expected.

  • If you haven't chosen any of the profilers you will be asked by JustTrace configuration window to make your choice when any of the commands is used.

    Select Profiler

To Profile Tests / Profile and Debug Tests from Unit Test Window

  1. Build your project - Telerik® JustCode™ recognizes a test inside your project only after it has been built.
  2. Navigate on the main menu Just Code / Windows / Show Unit Test Window. Unit Test Window opens.
  3. From here you can use the buttons in the window or right mouse click over the test and execute the command you want.

    Unit Test Window 1

To Profile Tests / Profile and Debug Tests from Solution Explorer Window

  1. Open the Solution Explorer Window.
  2. From the solution tree select the item that contains the unit tests you would like to profile.

    This item can be either a solution folder, project, folder or a single file.

  3. Right-Click the selected item, hover over JustCode and select the command you want.

To Profile Tests / Profile and Debug Tests from JustCode Visual Aid

  1. Position the caret over the test.
  2. Press Alt + '=' and from the Test tab select Profile Tests / Profile and Debug Tests.


The Result

Once executed Profile Tests / Profile and Debug Tests command will run your tests and simultaneously start JustTrace profiler in order to produce a snapshot. When all tests finish their execution the snapshot is done and ready for examination.

profiling Result

Snapshot data provides a lot of information in several views that you can get acquainted with by following Snapshop section from JustTrace help documentation.

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