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The Unit Test Window lets you run, debug, filter and search tests within the Visual Studio environment.

Unit Test Window

All available unit tests in the current solution are shown in a tree on the left side. An icon that indicates the current status of the test is shown next to each test that is found in the solution. Three different stages are recognized:

Unit Test Window Icon Failed - Failed - The test have been run and failed.

Unit Test Window Icon Passed - Passed - The test have been run and passed.

By double clicking on a test you can quickly navigate to the selected test.

By using the toolbar on the top, you can run only selected (Unit Test Window Icon Run Selected Tests) or all (Unit Test Window Icon Run All Tests) tests, debug selected tests (Unit Test Window Icon Debug Selected Tests), abort a test run (Unit Test Window Icon Abort Test Run), repeat the last test run (Unit Test Window Icon Repeast Last Test Run), show only failed tests (Unit Test Window Icon Failed), and show only ignored tests (Unit Test Window Icon Show Only Ignored Tests).

By default, information for the namespace, the type and the member is shown, but you can easily change this to another type of information that you found more useful. Here is a snapshot of the available options:

Find Usages Options

Build Options help you to save time by choosing the most appropriate setting for your current needs.

Unit Test Build Options

You can also use the Collapse All/Expand All buttons to collapse/expand all results.

To find your tests use the Search bar below the tool bar. Start typing and the tests in the tree will be automatically filtered matching your criteria.

On the right side of the window you can see details about your last test run like Exception message and Stack Trace. Click on each test on the tree to see details from the run. Additionally you can click on the Console output and Console errors tabs below to find more information.

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