Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

JustCode Errors Window shows the errors and warnings found in the solution.

Error List Window

By using the top Errors and Warnings buttons you can filter the items in the list - only Errors, only Warnings, or both Errors and Warnings.

Double-click on the error or the warning to navigate.

You can also customize the view of the data by grouping it by each column. For example, next screenshot represents filtering by "File"

Error List Window Group

There is a filtering option too. You can filter "problems" by some criterion by using the dropdown box or input your own one in the text box.

Error List Window Filter

In this window you can also easily ignore errors/warnings, Report Good Code Red, Find All Such Problems or Change Problem Type. Rich-click on an error/warning and choose the appropriate command you want to execute.

Error List Window Ignore

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