Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

Telerik® JustCode™ options dialog provides a couple of settings to configure depending on your needs. It can be accessed from the main menu JustCode | Options.


Most of the settings are self-explanatory, but here is a little more information about those which are most interesting.

Import formatting options from Visual Studio

  • Import VS formatting options - Imports Visual Studio formatting options into the JustCode Code Style options. Aligns the Telerik® JustCode™ formatter with Visual Studio's.

Generated Members

  • Put NotImplementedException in generated code - Includes the NotImplementedException statement in generated methods.

Quick fixes

  • Navigate to generated code - Enables automatic navigation directly to generated/fixed code when a quick fix is applied.


  • Automatically check for updates - Enables automatic check for Telerik® JustCode™ updates when Visual Studio starts. NOTE: It is strongly recommended to keep automatic update checking enabled to guarantee you have the latest features.
  • Include internal builds when checking for updates - toggle whether to check for Telerik® JustCode™ internal builds updates when checking for updates.


  • Enable verbose logging - Adds additional information to the JustCode log.


  • Reset settings - use to restore original Telerik® JustCode™ settings.

Modified Settings

All settings modified by "Import VS formatting options", "Reset settings", "JustCode Cloud" or the user will be marked with a modified flag

Modified Options

If there are modified settings and another instance of Telerik® JustCode™ or the Cloud Sync updates the settings a resolution dialog will be shown:

Resolution Dialog

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