Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

Telerik® JustCode™ allows you to share some of its options so that multiple developers or a team working on one solution can have the same options. Within the Option Sharing view you can create or edit solution shared options. Note that your solution shared options override your user options.

Options Options Sharing

As of 2014 Q2 we added the ability to share the options for configuring files and project filters. The new settings window is located at Code Analysis > General node.


When you create solution shared options a new file containing these options is created on your disk in the same folder as the current solution. The file has the same name as the solution but ending in .jcsettings.xml. For example if your solution file is Test.sln, JustCode shared options file name would be Test.jcsettings.xml. You can put this file under source control if you want to share it within a team.


If you want to remove your solution shared settings you can just delete the file containing them.

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