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The Naming Conventions Options allow you to set naming conventions for all your code elements.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET

Not Supported: JavaScript

Not relevant: ASP.NET, XAML, HTML

To add an acronym to be allowed

  1. Add the acronym signature to text box "Allowed Acronyms" at the top of the window bellow. This way it will allow you to specify upper-case acronyms longer than two characters as exceptions to the Code Style naming conventions. Specify multiple acronyms as a comma separated list.

Options Naming Conventions

There are seven types of rules that a user can choose from:

  • camelCase
  • PascalCase
  • lower_underscore
  • Sentence_underscore
  • PascalCase_Underscore
  • camelCase_Underscore

You can also disable the naming convention for a specific construct. Just choose “Disabled” from the rules combo box.

To add a secondary naming convention

  1. In case you want to have code constructs that use two different conventions, then you have to specify a Secondary Rule

    Options Naming Warning
  2. Click on the Add button or open the context menu and select "Add Secondary Rule"

  3. Specify the desired Prefix, Rule and Suffix

    Options Secondary Rule
  4. Click on the Save button. The analysis will be refreshed automatically.
  5. The result is:

    Options Naming No Warning

The specified Naming Convetions will be used when JustCode generates new constructs:

Options Naming Code Generation

The Naming Conventions will also be used when quick-fixes are executed:

Options Naming Quick Fix

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