Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

To create Telerik® JustCode™ extension click on Visual Studio -> File -> New -> Project -> Telerik -> C# JustCode Extension

Custom Just Code Extension

The templates contain 3 real world examples – FindUsagesExample, RefactoringExample, WarningExample.

The difference is that the second template creates a .vsix file inside the bin folder of the project which is easy to distribute and install.

They have the JustCode references set to \[Program Files]\Telerik\JustCode\Libraries.

To Debug your extension – [Note: the template should have set all the needed steps] Set the output folder of the project to be [JustCode folder]\Libraries\UserExtensions and change the start action to ‘Start external program’ - [Visual Studio 10 Folder]\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe. Have in mind that JustCode will pick up and load all modules found in [JustCode folder]\Libraries\UserExtensions so we suggest you remove the extension from the UserExtensions folder after you’re done debugging.