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The Move Type To Another Project refactoring allows you to quickly move the selected type to any referenced project.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET


Beware that the Move Type To Another Project command is enabled only when a project reference is added to the current project.

To move a type to another project

  1. Place the caret over the type and press Alt+Insert. From the pop-up menu, select Move Type To Another Project.

    Move Type To Project select
  2. The following dialog will appear containing all available projects:

    Move Type To Project Dialog
  3. Once a project is selected press OK to finish or Cancel to abort the operation.
  4. If you complete the operation the type will be moved to the new project. A using directive will be added in case the moved type is used in the current file.

    Move Type To Project result
  1. Once the user decides to move a type that uses another one from the current project, as presented in the Figure below, a confirmation dialog will appear.

  2. The dialog provides an information that in case the type is moved it won't be added a reference to the target project. The reason is the threat of circular dependancy. As an advice I would add that in this case it would be best to start moving types from the ones that don't depend on others.

    Warning Dialog
  • If there is only one type in the current file another confirmation dialog will appear. It will awaits for an approval whether to continue with the operation and remove the current file or to abort it.

    Move The Only Type

To introduce a variable you can also navigate on the main menu. Choose JustCode | Refactor | Move Type To Another Project.

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